Book Review

Not So Far Fetched

Dear book friends, I am so sorry for the silence. I’ve been in a season of reading little and writing even less. But I haven’t abandoned books or you! In fact I just finished David Shafer’s novel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and my first thought upon finishing was that I had to share about this one.
Shafer tells the story of a global data mining and information conspiracy perpetrated by a Google-esque company and the average people who find themselves caught up in stopping a crime they don’t even fully understand. One of my coworkers (whose specialty is information security) asked me what I was reading these days. I told him about this book, and we talked about the fact that the plot isn’t that far fetched at all, but you have to wrap these kinds of ideas in fiction or people will say you’re crazy. And in fact, that’s exactly what happens to one of the characters in this book. It’s all very meta. 
If you’re thinking this sounds kind of like The Circle, you’re right, but I found The Circle to be too long and thought the message was being pushed really hard and the plot was lacking. WTF was somehow more deft.
This would be a good book to read over this holiday weekend in your turkey coma. I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and food!


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